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 Havachon puppy in Idaho, Panda!


"When my daughter Ramona was 14 & started asking "for a dog of her own" Our family have an older dog that is the family dog But Ramona wanted one that would be her responsibility to take care for and a special bond with."

"In the past our family we have had mixed breeds shelter dogs, But we weren't able to find that perfect fit. So Ramona & I started our search of different breeds that included finding out what makes a good breeder. This led us to Margie and her Husband Rod Cook& their dogs to Panda Havachon puppy & Ramona's best friend."

"Margie is everything we learned a good breeder should be & more . She brings so much knowledge , integrity & caring to dog breeding.Rod & Margies dogs are beloved pets."

"We are fortunate to live near by, We've seen how well the puppies are socialized and enjoy their home and pretty yard and the companionship they get with Rod & Margie OH! about Panda ! Of course,She was an an adorable puppy- white with black spots and a black mask, She's all grown up now & Ramona keeps her in a puppy cut for ease of grooming ,So Panda still looks puppy like with big brown eyes with impossibly long black eye lashes. Her favorite game is keep away with Ramona ,zigging and zagging kicking her back legs like a bunny rabbit."

"She is so good at manipulate things with her paws pulling her doggy toys from under the sofa where she put them early that day, she circles,& check's to see if there is a fun thing or something good she missed. when we chuckle at her she looks up with this serious face like to say WHAT'S SO FUNNY. We have bells on a long ribbon she rings to go outside to potty after Ramona showing her only one time she had it."

"She's Ramoma's lap dog setting quietly while Romana studies as she is being homeschooled.so we are with her allot."

"She sit's quietly as Ramona does her Ballet stretches.then playtime and love's to hop in the car and take off with the family."

"Now the down side The havachon is a non shedding dog but they still have to be brushed often and groomed."

"Both my husband Ron (being retired) & I teach home school So we are home with her a lot or she's going with us The Havachon is a companion dog."

"If you need a pet that is content to spend a lot of time alone This isn't the pet for you."

"I repeat they are companion dogs and want to be with or near you!"

"But for us she is the best little dog and Ramona & Panda adore each other .Perfect match If the Havacon is right for you & you are able to get one from Margie & Rod."

"WELL! You are Lucky." sincerely Robin.



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Havachon puppies in Idaho

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Havachon Puppy


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HavaChon Puppies in Idaho
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havachon puppy



havachon puppy 



havachon puppy



Havachon Breeder in Idaho



Havachon puppies in Idaho 

Havachon puppy